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Colors of the homeland | A “strong” solar storm strikes the Earth and causes a rare light event


In ancient Greek culture a light phenomenon called “aurora” was the name of one of the gods; In countries like Chile, Australia and Argentina, especially at the South and North Poles, it appears renewed bright colors in the sky, the last thing that happened after a severe solar storm Earth, yesterday, Monday, brought with it a wonderful light show, which appeared in southern New York, and details of the rare event Here.

Beginning of the event with “sunlight”

The rare event, since last Saturday, when researchers observed a large amount of sunlight or coronal mass emission (CME) facing the Earth from its side, it raised eyebrows and raised the question of the causes of this phenomenon, which became clear in the brightness of our planet, yesterday, science According to the site “Life Science” report.

This phenomenon is due to an important astronomical event that entered the Earth within a period of time Neshat Shamsi Solar activity, known as the “solar maximum,” increases and decreases every 11 years, and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has warned that the storm could be a type G2 event, which is a very strong type.

Effect of solar storms on Earth

Solar storms of this magnitude can affect Satellites In orbit around the Earth, they cause disturbances in electrical grids and more, but they can also cause spectacular auroras, a natural light show that is commonly found only at high latitudes near the North or South Poles, and in countries such as: Argentina and Chile; But the storm was so powerful that it was visible as far south as New York and across the United States, such as Wisconsin and Washington, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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Solar storm threatens power grids

And the US “NOAA” warning of a solar storm, which lasted from Monday to Tuesday; Some irregularities in the direction of the satellites and fluctuations in the power network and as a result of that storm, and yesterday, these effects were reduced to the first possible fluctuations in the damaged power networks.

Colors appear in the sky in Canada and Alaska

But in light of these fluctuations caused by this phenomenon, there is also an aesthetic side. As the effects of the storm continue, the Aurora borealis will be visible throughout Tuesday night at high latitudes, in places such as Canada and Alaska; But those who look at the sky elsewhere – aurora borealis like New York rarely saw auroras.

How is the aurora borealis formed?

Solar storms are one of the most common manifestations of space weather, as the sun is constantly ejected from its atmosphere because CME contains charged plasma, and after the sun expels it, this plasma goes outside and collides with the Earth’s magnetic shield, then the charged particles move toward the Earth’s poles. Energy is emitted as colored light, and this is how aurora borealis occurs.

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