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Colors of the homeland | Discovery of an extraterrestrial planet for a known solar system. One year equals 16 hours


Astronomers broke a new record by discovering a new gas giant with the narrowest known orbit, taking only 16 hours to orbit its star, which is 16 hours a year at its surface.

The newly announced Exoplanet belongs to a class that scientists refer to as “Hot Jupiter”.

Although astronomers have identified more than 400 Planet So far a hot buyer, but according to live science, the researchers have not said anything like the new invention called TOI-2109b.

How did scientists discover the new planet?

“Since we discovered it, everything fits into one planet, and we’ve realized that we have something very interesting and relatively rare,” said Avi Schupper, an exoplanet scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Collected by co-author of New Research Satellite NASA’s study of extraterrestrial transmission known as TESS.

The TESS satellite is designed to detect the orbits of its stars very quickly because the telescope stares at a spot in the sky for about a month before moving forward.

TESS does not view planets directly. In contrast, it observes small regular declines in planetary brightness between the telescope and the star, and in the case of the TOI-2109b, these dips came faster than a gas giant every 16 hours. Scientists have discovered so far ..

The planet’s star is located about 855 light-years from Earth in the constellation Hercules, and after detecting the signal, researchers commissioned other telescopes to verify the star, which was recently published in the astronomical journal “TOI-2109” (TOI stands for TES).

The new planet “TOI-2109b” and its peculiarities

The qualities of this planet are described as strange until it was discovered: “It is very strange, since the beginning of the Exoplanets science, hot Jupiter has been seen as strange balls, so how does such a large planet reach its orbit in more than a few days ?? There is nothing like it in our solar system,” We see this as an opportunity to study. “

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TOI-2109b is about 5 times the mass of Jupiter in our Solar System, and is about twice the size of our orbiting Sun, and is the second warmest known new planet. Exoplanet, daytime temperatures reach approximately 3300 degrees Celsius.

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