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Those excluded from the presidential election are returning to Libya


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The Court of Appeals for the Court of Appeal in the Libyan capital announced on Wednesday the first of a series of appeals filed against the candidacy of Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Tabaiba. .

Well-informed sources suggested to al-Bayani that all appeals against Tabaiba’s eligibility to run as a candidate be dismissed, which would allow him to run in the presidential election scheduled for December 24, and confirmed that most of the earlier appeals had been accepted. , And most of the exceptions granted by the Election Commission were revoked.Yesterday it was announced that many who had been excluded by the Commission, including Fati bin Shadwan, Othman Adam al-Basir and Salama Ibrahim, would return to the contest. Al-Kyle.

In the city of Seba (south), the Electoral Appeals Department of the Court of Appeal canceled its session yesterday, which was dedicated to examining the appeal filed by the legal team of the late Libyan son Saif al-Islam. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in a ruling issued by the Election Commission, adjourned the session for a third day due to a lack of judges, sources said, confirming that he would face direct threats if the appeal was accepted.

Clarify procedures

Meanwhile, the High National Electoral Commission has approved the Election Advertising Act for the House of Representatives and the presidency of the state, which contains 31 articles clarifying the procedures, rules and regulations governing election campaigns.

The Commission is concerned with overseeing, organizing and announcing the election campaign process under Section (2) and setting the rules governing it in accordance with election laws. The Election Commission must announce the start of the election campaign, at least 72 hours before the specified date, through the media and official announcement in order to open the polling booths.

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Rule (8) 17, which regulates election campaigns applicable to candidates for the presidency and the House of Representatives, contains 17 provisions, the most important of which are “Compliance with the decisions and instructions of all Electoral Commissions, and not in any way detrimental to national unity.”

Section 10 of the Commission stipulates that funding for election campaigns is prohibited from the budgets of public finance or government ministries, agencies and institutions.


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