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هاتف RedMagic 6S Pro

Colors of the homeland | Fast charging and 3 cameras .. RedMagic 6S Pro price and specifications

Earlier this year, Nubia announced the “Redmagic 6S Pro” gaming smartphone, which is set to launch in the global market this month.

Phone The “RedMagic 6S Pro” is powered by the latest Snapdragon 888 Plus processor chipset, and the official announcement of the new phone is scheduled for September 6th in China.

Prior to the official announcement, pictures of the new phone appeared, revealing its specifications, published by technology-specialized websites, including the tech website Kismochina.

Highlights of the RedMagic 6S Pro phone

It is expected to break Phone The smartphone “RedMagic 6S Pro” is the standard specification for earlier phones from Nubia, with a large 6.8-inch OLED screen, which offers 1080 x 2400 pixels, full HD.

The RedMagic 6S Pro includes an in-screen fingerprint sensor, and the phone comes with a powerful Snapdragon 888 Plus processor and runs on the Android 11 operating system.

Depending on the RAM, there will be 3 versions, 8GB, 12GB or 16GB, and for storage space, 3GB, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB.

For imaging, the phone has an 8-megapixel selfie camera and a 64-megapixel triple camera module, and the exact battery capacity is not specified in the leaks, but it can be as high as 4,500 mAh, and the device can support up to 120W faster charging.

The company has already confirmed that its screen will deliver 720 Hz touch sample rate and 7.4 MS response rate, and is fitted with a special cooling system for games to dissipate heat.

Red Magic 6S Pro Phone Price

Depending on the price of the new “RedMagic 6S Pro” phone, tech websites expect it to be between 11,000 EGP and 15,000 EGP.

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