March 30, 2023

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Colors of the homeland | Nutritionist warns of “invisible killer” in homes: contains 2 million bacteria

Because many things are in the home, owners are unaware that they pose a serious risk and threat to their health, and the nutritionist warns of a killer lurking in all homes. .

The famous American nutritionist, Maggie Michaelsick, says that in most homes there is a great danger that goes unnoticed by millions, the so-called “cutting board” or “invisible killer”, which is enough for infection.Poison It contains up to two million species of dangerous staphylococcal bacteria.

A dietitian warns about cutting boards: a hidden killer in the house

According to the American “wtop” network, the nutritionist confirmed that the “cutting board” in the kitchen usually turns out to be a hidden killer because many people neglect to clean it properly, which allows bacteria to grow and thus threatens human health.

Maggie explained the cutting boards used for cutting Meat All kinds of vegetables, especially those made from wood, are an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria because many people neglect to clean them properly, causing bacteria to accumulate on them, and 2 million staphylococci and Escherichia coli bacteria to accumulate in each. According to “Al Arabia” their surface is one square centimeter.

There are more than 2 million bacteria in a cutting board

Nutritionist in the US state of Chicago continued, “Bacteria are spread to humans through cuts on the” hidden killer “: Escherichia coli and Streptococcus fungi, when they enter the human body, cause infections on the outside, including intestinal, acute diarrhea and food poisoning, smallpox. Creates pressure on.

The worst part is that many families do not replace kitchen boards for many years, and some use the board, leaving it unwashed, so that a large number of bacteria accumulate on these boards, and over time the cutting board becomes “dirtier than the toilet” due to the amount of bacteria in it: ” And cleaning in water is desirable. “

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