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Colors of the homeland | Price and Specifications of Oppo Renault 8 Pro Plus Phone .. Powerful Processor and High Resolution Camera


Finding out the price and specifications of the Oppo Renault 8 Pro Plus phone is one of the things that worries many who want to get new and smart phones, especially after the launch of “Oppo” on May 17, 2022. Collection of teaser images for all new oppo reno 8 series phones, in addition to the video clip reviewing the design of the oppo reno 8 pro plus phone, we will mention the price and specifications of this phone in this report.

You can find out the price and specifications of the phone oppo The Renault 8 Pro Plus, with a video clip released by the company, features a rear camera unit integrated with the phone body, which shows the design of the camera unit similar to the new Ace phone recently released by “OnePlus”. Apart from the fact that the difference between them is in the curves of the corners of the unit, the camera of the oppo reno 8 series is curved instead of straight angles.

oppo reno 8 pro plus phone prices and specifications

The oppo reno 8 pro plus phone differs from other series phones in that its front camera is located in the middle of the screen, while the other two phones have a “selfie” camera. In the upper left corner, and complete the answer to the query about pricing and specifications Phone The most important difference between the oppo reno 8 pro plus and “OPPO”‘s three smartphones is the processor, as the oppo reno 8 pro plus features the MediaTek Dimensionality 8100 processor with its own built-in OPPO. The camera has a Marisilicon X chip, which is expected to have a significant impact on performance.

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Other features of the phone

One of the features of the Oppo Renault 8 Pro Plus phone is the screen size: 6.55 inches – 90 Hz – AMOLED, internal memory: 256 GB, RAM: 8 or 12 GB, camera: 50 + 8 + 2 megapixels, processor: MediaTek Dimension 1200 Max, and battery. : 4500 mAh – 65 watts, and only available in 3 colors: Black, Blue and Gold Equivalent to Egyptian pounds.

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