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Improve battery performance in iOS 15


Apple released iOS 15 a month ago, and the system is provided with periodic updates to improve its performance.

This system has received a lot of negative feedback in terms of battery performance, especially slightly older phones.

Some people think that the system has caused high battery consumption, but this system includes many features, which will drain the battery.

If you complain that the battery drains quickly you should turn off these settings first, and these settings will significantly increase the performance of the device.

Update apps in the background

Some apps will still run in the background of the phone even when you are not using them, thus draining the battery quickly.

Some applications need to run in the background to collect data about you and send alerts regularly.

But you can disable some of these processors to significantly improve battery performance and reduce data usage.

You can do this by going to Settings Application, General Settings and Background Applications.

In this menu, you can choose which applications should run in the background or which ones are not required.

You can run some applications in the background, such as Maps, Messages, Facebook and other applications you need.

Prevent apps from tracking you

This feature focuses more on safety and user safety, but in reality it reduces your battery consumption.

With this feature, you can reduce the consumption of the applications that follow you and use the phone battery all the time trying to track you.

You can access this feature by going to General Settings and then enabling Privacy, then Tracking and Options to track your apps.

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If you disable this feature, it may prevent all apps from tiring you out and accessing your location, and the system will automatically reject the application request.

Disable iOS 15 features you don’t need

iOS 15 includes a wide range of different and different features that you can use as you wish.

But some of these features may not be useful to you in any way, so you may want to disable these services.

You can do this by going to Settings Application, Privacy Settings, then Location Services, and then Computer Services.

With this interface, you can disable computer services, often with a location-based and single interface, without any interference.

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