June 7, 2023

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Colors of the homeland | Scientists have discovered an antibody that fights “corona” strains

U.S. scientists have announced the identification of an antibody that can eliminate all known mutations in the growing corona virus “Govit 19”, according to the Russian “Russia Today” news network.

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis said in a study published on the university’s official website that they had studied 43 samples and analyzed how to prevent infection with the original variant of the virus and then 9 strong antibodies. Tested, and selected the most effective one.

The researchers added that the antibody to SARS2-38 could fight the common strains of the corona virus: “alpha”, “beta”, “gamma”, “delta”, “kappa” and “ioda”, as well as rare mutations.

Considering the risk of new mutations in the future, the researchers explained the need for effective antibodies that can support the body’s immune system independently and in combination with treatment.

Inactivated corona vaccines developed by China control the spread of the Indian “delta” strain

Meanwhile, a study showed it Corona vaccines The defect created by China has limited the spread of the Indian “delta” strain, according to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency, during a strain in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou last May.

Researchers at the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, led by renowned Chinese epidemiologist “Zhang Nanshan”, found that two-dose vaccines provide 59% efficacy against the virus caused by the “delta” strain, and 70.2% against mild cases of infection and 100% against critical conditions.

The results of the study, published in the Journal of Growing Microbes and Infections, indicate that a single dose of the vaccine does not provide adequate protection because its efficacy does not exceed 31.8%.

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