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Comet bigger than Mount Everest explodes and heads for Earth – Cedar News


A comet three times the size of Mount Everest has blasted through space and is now heading towards Earth, but it won’t actually hit, but it will be visible to the naked eye when it reaches the closest point to our planet, astronomers have revealed. April 21, 2024.

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The space rock, called 12P/Pons-Brooks, is known as a cold volcanic comet or cold volcano, and has a solid core 18.6 miles in diameter, British newspaper Daily Mail reported. About 30 kilometers.

This space rock contains ice, dust, and gases that act like carbonation in a soft drink bottle because, when heated by the sun, the pressure of this cryogenic magma continues to build until it explodes into nitrogen and carbon monoxide. , ejecting icy debris through large cracks in the kernel shell.

The space rock is about the size of the famous Halley’s Comet, which was last seen with the naked eye on Earth in 1954, and is referred to as a Halley-type comet because of its 71-year orbit around the Sun. The most famous space rock in history, it takes about 75 years to orbit our star, not thousands of years like most comets.

Although “Pance Brooks” will be closest to Earth in April 2024, it is expected to reach magnitude +4, so it will still be visible to the naked eye in May and June 2024, the paper pointed out.

The paper indicated that it will be brightest in the night sky on June 2, 2024, and after it reaches its closest point to us, the space rock will return to the outer solar system and not return until 2095.

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