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Common errors that slow down iPhone and Android devices and how to fix them

extend/ Most people ignore the number one reason why phones are running so slow because of too many apps running in the background, but both iOS and Android can disable apps that consume too much battery and optimize your device with a few simple settings changes, and we track the common errors behind slow iPhone and Android devices and how to fix them. The British Daily Mail reported that the correction.

iPhone and Android users can adjust their settings to automatically limit and stop apps running in the background.

For Apple users, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and select Wi-Fi, Cellular Data or Off to disable background app refresh completely. Similarly, for Android users, go to see which apps are running in the background. Settings > Developer Options > Services. running

You can close these apps by going to Settings > Apps, selecting the apps you want to stop, and tapping Force Stop.

Another reason for the phone running slow is when the phone storage is full, meaning the phone is running low on memory, which slows things down.

Phones need about 10% of their available storage to store cache and temporary files, which will keep apps running smoothly on your device, and having more storage space will keep your phone software up-to-date.

Also, to save space, you should delete old apps, especially games that use a lot of space, and delete videos or move them to cloud storage.

Here too are battery issues, which are another common cause of a slow-running phone. Even new batteries can fail, especially if they’ve been used a lot, and the screen on your phone won’t always show the battery level.

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If you have an iPhone 6 or later that has been updated with the latest operating system, tap Settings > Battery > Battery Health to see the maximum battery capacity. A typical Apple battery should maintain up to 80% of its original capacity. As the battery ages, it can decrease this percentage, leading to the battery’s inability to hold a charge.