June 6, 2023

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“FAM Holding” Launches “Al-Mahra Maldives” Resort for 800 Million Dirhams

Dubai-based FAM Holding Group announced during the Arabian Travel Market 2023 that it will launch Al Mahra Maldives, a luxury residential resort in the Maldives with investments of around Dh800 million, its first project outside the UAE. Real estate development.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of FAM Holding Dr. Faisal Ali Musa said: “FAM Holding (Al-Mahra Maldives) is seeking to expand outside the UAE for the first time in the real estate investment sector through tourism. Time, and especially to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the Maldives, which is currently witnessing a significant growth rate, is globally recognized.” It has become the dream of many travel and tourism enthusiasts to enjoy its beautiful beaches in. Nature, peaceful lifestyle and smiling faces of the locals, make it truly an ideal oasis of peace and relaxation.

He added, “(Al-Mahra Maldives) is a resort that will be implemented on a 100,000 square meter island and will include 150 hotel units and rooms, including 100 floating villas on the water, and each private unit has a private pool. . It includes 40 beach villas including 10 VIP villas in addition to three restaurants, spa, gym and sea sports.

“Maldives has been selected as a global tourist destination, with Gulf, Europeans and Asians, as well as most major brands and tourism companies located there, and the UAE is one of the largest investors in the Maldives from the Middle East, in many sectors, especially tourism and transport.

He said that the construction of the project will start after three months and the project will be completed and deliveries will start by mid-2025.

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