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Common interior staircase materials and colors

Common interior staircase materials and colors

Materials play an important role in the appearance and amplification of the decoration, as well as in imprinting it with a certain identity, especially when designing.stairs Indoors, it often serves as the focal point in the home. With grammar to mix many things to enrich the look Interior decoration Generally, an engineer’s extension Interior design Soha asked “Madam.net” readers to talk about interior staircases, especially wooden staircases and their contemporary designs.

Popular materials for interior staircase design

Unique wood and glass interior staircase design

According to engineer Suha El-Sayed, modern staircases with wooden steps can reveal other modern materials: glass or iron, materials that can be dissolved in the balustrade (staircase), especially attractive contemporary design that draws together luxurious wood and transparent glass. As for the “epoxy” material, it can be added to the wood and enter the floors of the stairs, it can be blue or green, compatible with the surroundings of the stairs.

Contemporary interior staircase design

Types of internal stairs

Spiral stairs

Although traditional staircases represent sophistication and aesthetics, the desire to bring a contemporary identity to the home brings to light other types of designs, such as: wooden suspended staircase chains or wooden staircases with an inclined (or twisted) design, in addition. For multiple staircase applications; For example: a staircase with a library in the lower space, a staircase with drawers for storage, or a staircase with a hidden room that serves as home storage (or design the room to serve as a guest bathroom). Thus, the stairs not only connect the two parts of the house and beautify the interior decoration, but also become many tasks that make life easier for the users.

Contemporary interior staircase model

Modern staircase colors

Stairs compatible in design with interior decoration

The choice of colors for interior stairs is achieved according to other home decorations; But architect Soha’s suggestion focuses on the light wood color of the small steps and the white (or light gray) paint color of the surrounding walls.

Wooden stairs

However, for the large part of the interior stairs, those who like dark wood can accept it, with a dark paint like black on the surrounding walls, the dominant color of the current year ( 2022).

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