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First in high school, I teach science and excel: “My dream is to enter medicine and study in Germany.”


The ninth program, aired on Channel One, made several interventions with high school seniors from science and literature departments and special and integrated schools.

Osama Muhammad Al-Awal said about Science Public High School for Best Schools: “My dream has been to enter the Faculty of Medicine since my youth, and I specialized in brain and nerves, a field that fascinated me. God willing, it will be medicine in Alexandria.”

Also, “I’m studying medicine in Germany because I know it’s advanced, but the idea is that it needs funding.”

He continued: “I was studying until I felt I had enough. I could reach 10 hours and sometimes after 5 hours I felt I couldn’t understand, so I stopped studying. And the most important requirements for participation were I was in an inner room, like some of us. , we have every period of a project with schools in Egypt, and projects where they try to solve problems, and if a project excels, it can be implemented on the ground.

Cyril Nasim Azhar, who was fourth, affirmed his high school science, “I am 97 years old, God willing, I will enter Cairo medicine.”

He continued: “The most important thing in the new method is that a person starts studying from the first day to the last day without faltering in the middle so that he does not get bored during the collection period at the end of the year.”

Omar Sharif Abdel Monim Abdel Hamid I, Elmi Riyadh, said: “Today is happy, I have not decided to enter any college, I don’t need college to be a social leader.”

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He added: “I don’t need a college that people like, but I need a college where I can work, and I have a passion for computer science, and I dream of entering a German or American university, God willing.”

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