January 27, 2023

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Community donations support the projects of “Dubai Endowments” with 37 million dirhams

The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai has established 37 million dirhams worth of donation programs in the last three years from the proceeds of social donations received through donation boxes for public facilities, text messages and smart applications.

The foundation said that community contributions helped provide 79% of the financial support to complete 13 charity projects from 2019, while the total cost of the projects was estimated at 47 million dirhams.

There are various charities in the projects, including: “Water of Hope”, “Girtas” donation, “Health”, “My Prayer” donation and others.

The Foundation confirmed that simple donations made by philanthropists through vouchers, electronic donations, mobile applications, SMS messages and monthly salary deductions contribute to creating sustainable donations that benefit society. of charity.

“Individual social donations, despite their simplicity, contribute to the funding of various charities,” said Khaled Al-Thani, the foundation’s deputy secretary-general.

He emphasized the Foundation’s interest in safeguarding and enhancing donors’ funds, ensuring their investment in sustainable charitable projects in accordance with best practices, and ensuring that their income is spent to meet the needs of society in health, education, mosque service and other sectors. .

Al-Thani emphasized that thanks to the social contributions of the beneficiaries, the foundation has completed diverse real estate investments between residential buildings and commercial shops. Society.

Thanking the stakeholders, he called upon all sections of the society to participate in this humanitarian work that reflects the culture of giving that is rooted in the UAE society.



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