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بالبلدي: الدليل الشامل للتعامل مع نتوء ماك بوك برو

Complete guide to dealing with MacBook Pro pump Last month, Apple announced its new MacBook Pro computers, and these computers caused quite a stir.

Apple has used new processors in these computers, providing us with the best performance M1 Pro and Max computers for the first time.

It also put a new pump on the top of the screen, which hit the company more than the world and talks about this pump more than the new processors.

But there is more than one way to deal with this new pump and make it disappear as it does not exist.

Apps compatibility with the new MacBook Pro screen pump

MacBook Pro computers use two types of applications, applications developed by Apple and third-party applications.

Both types of apps can now handle the new screen pump and cover it completely as if it were not there.

So when using an application that requires a full screen, such as watching a movie or video, that content will be rendered under the pump.

But if you use an app, it will display a lot of menus and be at the top to show additional menus and information about it.

You can go to the app’s settings and resize menus or apps and start it under the pump instead of closing the pump.

You can do this by right-clicking on the application, then selecting the application info, and then activating the option you see in front of you in the image.

Of course, Apple is developing new software solutions to deal with the new pump, which will disappear into applications and make better use of it.

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Use third-party applications to cover the pump

You can completely hide the computer interface and the pump in all applications without having to worry about the options that the developer and developer support through their application.

There are many applications to hide the pump from the Mac App Store and make it invisible.

TopNotch is one of the free applications that you can download and use directly to cover the pump and adjust the screen.

If you are looking for additional options to replace the pump on older computers – why would anyone want it? – You can use the forehead application.

You can download and use one of the paid applications like De-Notch-ifier, which offers various options to change the notch and menus below.

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