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Chinese Wang Yaping made history with his “space walk”


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Wang Yaping made history as the first Chinese woman to go into space as part of a six-month journey to the country’s space station.
The Air Force astronaut and Colonel “Shenjo-13” mission, which was launched in mid-October, was built by Babing and two astronauts who arrived at the Chinese space station and subsequently built it in six months. Adventure time for Beijing. Their job is also to test their adaptation to live half a year at zero gravity, which will challenge their body.
Yaping, along with General Joy Jigang, 55, the first Chinese man to carry out an operation into space in 2008, left the spacecraft at six o’clock on Monday night, the Chinese manned space airline said. Exit into space is intended to install new components of the external robot arm, to ensure the reliability of the equipment or to test new generation cases.
The Chinese manned space agency said in a statement that all planned missions had been successfully completed. Yapping took part in the mission in 2013, eight years after a similar flight, becoming the second Chinese astronaut to go into space.
During his previous trip, he became famous for giving 60 million students a live video lesson in physics, and on the current trip he will repeat the experience.
This is the fifth mission in 11 manned and unmanned missions planned to build the Chinese space station, which will be completed by the end of 2022.
The astronauts will be at Tianhe Station (Heavenly Harmony) at an altitude of 350 to 400 km. Also “Tianhe” is the first unit in orbit, the third of which will later form the space station.

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