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Consolidation of Colleges 2022.. Minimum Limits for Last Year University Admission for Science Students


“The Seventh Day” publishes the minimum cut offs for last year admissions after Education Minister Dr. Tariq Shawqi approved the end of General Secondary School 2022.College integration 2022, and for science stream students, we monitor the result of integration of first level and minimum for admission in colleges in integration of universities in degrees:-

College Minimum:

Mansurah Medicine 386 degrees

Alexandria Medicine 382 degrees

Medicine Zagazig 382

Danta Medicine 381

Medicine Kafr El-Sheikh 381

Cairo Medicine 380

Port Side Medicine 379

Ain Shams Medicine 378

Mansoora Dentistry 378

Menofia Medicine, Shebin El-Kom 378

Suez 378 of Petroleum Engineering and Mining

Fake medicine 378

Penha Medicine 377

Helwan Medicine 376

Dentistry Menofia 376

South Valley Medicine 376

Suez Canal Medicine 375 in Ismailia

Sohak medicine 375

Fayum Medicine 374

Dentistry Danta 374

Suez Medicine 374

Dentistry Zagazig 374

Alexandria Dentistry 373.5

Acetic Medicine 373

Medicine of the Beni Suf 373

Minia Medicine 373

Dentistry Kafr El-Sheikh 373

New Valley Medicine 372

Dentistry Cairo 372

Dentistry Ain Shams 372

Aswan Medicine 372

Suez Dentistry 371

Dentistry Fayoum 371

South Valley Dentistry 371

371 Dentistry of the Suez Canal in Ismailia

Dentistry in Minya 370

Dental Assistant 370

Dentistry Beni Souf 370

Physiotherapy Kafr El Sheikh 368

Physiotherapy Panha 367

Sohak Pharmacy 367

South Valley Pharmacy 367

Mansoura Pharmacy 367

Danta Pharmacy 366

Damanhur Pharmacy 366

Physiotherapy Cairo 366

Suez Physiotherapy 366

Zagazig Pharmacy 366

Menofia Pharmacy 365

Kafr El-Sheikh 365 Drug and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Physiotherapy Beni Souf 365

Suez Canal Pharmacy in Ismailia 364

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South Valley Physiotherapy 364

Port Side Pharmacy 364

Cairo Pharmacy 364

Alexandria Pharmacy 364

Acute Pharmacy 364

Ain Shams Pharmacy 363.5

Fayoum Pharmacy 363

Sadat City Pharmacy 363

Helwan Pharmacy 363

Minya Pharmacy 363

Beni Souf Pharmacy 363

Cairo Engineering 356

Mansoura Engineering 355

Tamita Engineering 354

Ain Shams Engineering 349

Alexandria Engineering 347

Danta Engineering 344

Engineering Kafr El-Sheikh 342

Zagazig Engineering 341

Menofia Engineering, Shebin El-Kom 340

Suez Canal Engineering in Ismailia 340

Port Side Engineering 338

Helwan Engineering 336

Engineering Penha 335

Suez Engineering 334

Engineering Benha Shubra 333

Sohak Engineering 332

Helwan Engineering in Mataria 331

Beni Souf Engineering 329

Fayoum Engineering 329

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