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Contrary to Al-Burhan and Daghlo.. What is the matter with the position of Commander-in-Chief?


Despite recent assurances by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, or commander of the Rapid Support Forces, tensions are still high in Sudan, which many Sudanese fear. leading to a national security conflict.

Despite the base’s affirmation of adherence to peace and dialogue in light of the outbreak of the crisis and the fact that its mechanisms have not yet been withdrawn, questions about the cause began to emerge after a military mobilization by “quick support” in the Bamrup areas of the northern state near the military air base.

Commander position

In this context, sources close to both al-Burhan and Daghlo revealed that there is still disagreement over who will assume the post of army chief during the merger period, which will last several years.

While the RSF believes that the head should be a civilian head, the military rejects the idea, saying the armed forces should be headed by a military commander.

Quick support details

The dispute between the two sides emerged last month during a security reform workshop in which Sudanese leaders and civilians signed a framework agreement, but which did not lead to an agreement.

Connection issue

Instead, the dispute has delayed the signing of a final political agreement with political parties and the formation of a civilian government scheduled for April 1.

Regarding the Marawi crisis that erupted last Wednesday, military sources confirmed to Reuters that to calm the escalation, the RSF must withdraw its personnel stationed near the military airport and its movements must be coordinated with the military and legal. limitations.

The Rapid Support Forces insisted that these movements were coordinated with al-Burhan.

It is noteworthy that Sudan has been experiencing a political crisis since October 2021, following the dissolution of the civilian government and the imposition of a state of emergency following the rise of the military. The elements led to the signing of a framework agreement, followed by consultations that reached a final political agreement, but it was postponed twice due to disagreements between the army and the Rapid Support Forces on the issue of integration with the armed forces. Relevant details about armies and ranks and other matters.

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