May 29, 2023

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“I’m the first to defend him.” Thomas Tuchel has commented on Sadio Mane’s disagreement with his colleague Sani.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – German club Bayern Munich’s coach Thomas Tuchel commented on the team’s dispute between Sadio Mane and his teammate Leroy Sane at the end of the “Bavarian” match against English club Manchester City. , in the quarter finals. In the UEFA Champions League.

German media reported that the Senegalese striker punched the German striker in the face after a heated argument in the dressing room after Bayern Munich lost 3-0 to the Citizens.

And the “Bavarian” management decided to exclude Mane from the squad to face Hoffenheim, and he was fined for his “misbehaviour”.

Regarding the controversy, Tuchel told a press conference: “It was resolved, the consequences of what happened in the game and the penalty,” adding: “I didn’t see it myself because I was in the training room, of course I spoke immediately to all the players and staff involved.” Eurosport.

“Because it worried us and because it was a very blatant incident, it was important that we clear things up before we start the next training session, which we did, and we cleared everything up so that we can train with each other again.”

Thomas Tuchel continued: “The way both players handled it and the way the other players handled it had an impact and we had a positive situation recently.”

The team’s coach defended Sadio Mane, saying, “I’m the first to defend him. I’ve known him for a long time, I’ve only known him as a professional. I know his entourage. He’s not guilty of anything. He’s broken the code of conduct. He’s admitted it and apologised. That’s what he did with me. reason for being.”

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