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COP28 leadership focuses on transforming the effects of climate change into opportunities for economic and social development.


The Director-General and Special Representative of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), Ambassador Majid Al-Suwaidi, confirmed that the conference will achieve strong results to reduce gaps and increase financial flows in favor of developing countries. The conference will focus on facing the consequences of climate change with a positive attitude and turning them into opportunities for economic and social development. He invites all to attend the Twenty-Eighth Conference of the Parties: “We are ready to raise the bar on ambition and accelerate climate action by taking decisive action.”

During a press conference on the closing day of the preliminary ministerial meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), Al Suwadi said: “Over the past two days, we have witnessed a huge preparatory session for the Conference of the Parties. We made a lot of progress during the third round of the session on operating a climate loss and damage fund to support poor countries affected by climate change, and we were keen for everyone to participate in the discussions, so we invited 70 ministers and 100 delegates. Different countries of the world.

“The Conference of the Parties (COP28) will, for the first time, put all issues on the table to discuss investigation, adaptation, losses, damages and financing, especially what we have achieved during the conference,” Al Suwaidi stressed. It’s the halfway point to meeting the 2030 targets for reducing emissions, and everyone gets involved in a transparent way.” “Comprehensive and transparent.”

He added: “On November 5, we will hold an elite meeting (COP28) to discuss loss and damage funding and we expect promising results. Participating delegates’ action plan focused on food announcements, the importance of fundraising work, turning talk into action, and accepting and implementing recommendations.

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He revealed that there is an upcoming meeting with 10 directors of multilateral development banks to demand a better way of working, expand the scope of public climate finance, especially to low-income economies, and raise trillions of dollars. Transitioning to alternative energy, and helping developing countries to do so, while reducing risks in the sector.

Al-Suwaidi continued: “The ministers and representatives who participated in the two days have reached a common vision of achieving success, we are happy to achieve the goal of avoiding a global temperature rise above the 1.5 degree Celsius limit, rethinking and placing our economies. Every country is on the right track,” he said, pointing to the importance of meeting the global goal on adaptation set out in the Paris Agreement and implementing the agreement fully and effectively.

The failure of developed countries to meet the $100 billion fund – 14 years ago to help developing countries – has led to a loss of confidence, so we discussed how donor countries can provide funding to help developing countries move to a cleaner future. Pointing out the need to move from billions to trillions, work must be done to engage the private sector and create a framework and structural engineering to develop programs and projects.

He emphasized the role of the COP28 leadership, especially during the Conference of the Parties the four main pillars we want to achieve include accelerating the transition, decarbonisation of energy, support for developing countries and accelerating the transition to renewable energy systems. Then we can change the narrative and support people to live the lives they want. The leadership of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) will focus on facing the consequences of climate change with a positive attitude and turning them into opportunities for the economy. and social development.

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