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Announcement of the Dubai Artificial Intelligence Alliance


Yesterday, the Dubai Future Foundation announced the “Dubai Artificial Intelligence Alliance”, which aims to provide a platform based on partnership and collaboration to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies, regulate innovation standards, and stimulate positive ideas and influential applications in these critical and critical areas. Department for the Economies and Societies of the Future.

Kalban Juma Belhole, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, stressed that the alliance will provide an opportunity for all global technology companies, entrepreneurs and companies related to artificial intelligence technology to jointly find innovative solutions. Global collective action needs to be strengthened to fill the current gaps and gaps… regulating and managing artificial intelligence that can be developed, and focusing on and exploiting promising opportunities.

Belhole pointed out during the opening speech of the Dubai Artificial Intelligence Forum on October 11 and 12, chaired by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee. The Forum represents a global outlet of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation. Anticipate its future and its opportunities to serve humanity, promote collaboration, integration, partnership and communication among its developers and users including governments, organizations, organizations and individuals, to achieve the best results expected from it in various key sectors.

Bellhole said, “The dialogue with global investors, students and decision-makers from the private sector aims to create not just debate but practical plans to create a framework for the governance of this artificial intelligence world.”

He added that Dubai is playing a big role in envisioning the future through the Dubai Future Foundation. When Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, guided us to establish this organization, the goal is to understand the future and create plans that will enable us to live a better future. .finding solutions that are most appropriate for humanity as a whole.

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Bellhole told Emirates Today that the forum aside, the Dubai Artificial Intelligence Forum is one of the most important global discussions and dialogues the world can address, pointing out that artificial intelligence has become of global importance. The goal of the Forum is to bring together experts, investors and entrepreneurs to find… Participatory global solutions, frameworks and laws, because digital transactions are not limited to one country or one country’s population, but the whole world.

In this regard, Dr. from the Institute of Technology Innovation. Ibtisam Al Mazroui, the UAE is competing with the world in the field of artificial intelligence development, and we are particularly focused on large linguistic models and conversational language. It is investigating how to develop an advanced model that facilitates communication between humans and machines and how to develop a linguistic model with it. It is based on generating text and images, so it can be used in media industry, medical industry, financial data as well. Analytics and entertainment sector.

Al Mazroui, the first female citizen to receive a PhD in wireless communications engineering and artificial intelligence for computer science, told Emirates Today: “There are risks that come with technology, namely transparency of information away from bias. We focus on the data entry process, and capacity building and investment in education. “and training and qualification so that the technology can be used properly, and in accordance with best practices, legislative and administrative frameworks, to benefit from the technology, and to minimize potential risks.”

Experts who participated in the forum said that artificial intelligence is expected to evolve into more comprehensive and wide-ranging global intelligence systems very quickly, such that flights and complete reports can be recorded within 18 to 20 months, stressing that artificial intelligence will not replace. Humans, and it doesn’t eliminate jobs, rather, it replaces it.

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Ali Hosseini, CEO of PwC’s Digital Transformation, emphasized that the freshness of artificial intelligence data is crucial in modern applications such as the “GBT Chat” application. Artificial intelligence.

He explained that we are now at a point where artificial intelligence can be used in the digital economy to assess the effectiveness of markets, prices and competitive pathways, and to automate individual processes that would otherwise take weeks.

He added: “It is now possible to create attractive offers for funds and investors through artificial intelligence and the ability of machines to communicate with each other using machine learning to get better results.”

He explained, “Executing tasks, sending text messages, booking flights, generating reports and directing businesses will have a huge impact in the future, and it will happen within 18-20 months instead of years. We’ll see complete models built and independent.”

Ali Dalloul, vice president of Microsoft Azure AI, said Dubai is at the forefront of adopting disruptive technologies and is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and the UAE is considered the most efficient at bringing about quality change.

While stressing the importance of privacy of individuals’ data, he opined that artificial intelligence is not a panacea and that winning countries will lead the transition.

He explained that 49% of people believe that artificial intelligence will take over their jobs, and 70% are willing to use artificial intelligence applications to make their work easier, and after learning more about it, it supports like a co-pilot. on their journey, and free them from burdens which burden the employees and prevent them from doing their work.

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• Consolidating Dubai’s position as a global hub for emerging technologies and the digital economy.

• Experts: “Artificial Intelligence” is replacing jobs, not eliminating them.

Umar al-Ulama: Providing vital platforms to serve humanity

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, and Deputy Executive Director of the Dubai Future Foundation, confirmed yesterday during a dialogue session at the Dubai Artificial Intelligence Forum that the UAE continues to explore opportunities for artificial intelligence. Expanding the scope of intelligence and its applications. Providing key platforms for developing practical applications to benefit from its best opportunities and use them to serve humanity emphasizes that governments are most capable of pioneering the development of artificial intelligence industry and its applications. the future.

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