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Cosmic catastrophe half a billion years old.. The James Webb telescope reveals a new secret about the creation of the universe


NASA’s James Webb Telescope has revealed an ancient cosmic cataclysm the universe faced that altered the formation of life on planet Earth, and the event dates back nearly half a billion years.

The British newspaper “Metro” said that the “James Webb” telescope of the “American Space Agency (NASA)” found an incredible disaster. It is half a billion years old.

According to the details revealed by the American scientists, thanks to this discovery, they were able to create another insight into the history of the universe, and they pointed out that this discovered disaster was “a cosmic collision between two galaxies that happened half a billion years ago.” years ago.”

The telescope image shows a swirling swirl of red and orange punctuated by bright stars, 120 million light-years away. However, something in the mass of stars and dust hints at its past and confirms that it once did not exist. A single constellation; Two galaxies.

When galaxies collide, they pump together the gas and dust needed to form new stars, and this can be seen in bright regions, scientists say; Young stars emit infrared light, which ejects tiny dust particles that give the telescope its unique glow.

The research team said: “The interstellar collision that formed (NGC 3256) led to a luminous burst of star formation visible in the brightest parts of the image.”

He added: “These young stars shine most brightly in the longest infrared wavelengths, and the light that penetrates through the dark dust in the galaxy, but sometimes older stars are safe when galaxies collide, thanks to the great distance between them; the closest star to us after the Sun (Proxima Centauri), about 25 trillion miles away.

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Scientists say their findings could teach us more about the formation of our galaxy.

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