June 2, 2023

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Creating a mental health monitoring system for senior citizens with artificial intelligence

The University of the United Arab Emirates has completed projects of artificial intelligence laboratories that work to create a mental health monitoring system for senior citizens and to contribute to the early detection of incurable brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory operates at the University as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolutionary Organization, which follows the University of the United Arab Emirates, by establishing five major laboratories to support the march of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the country. .


Dr. Fadi Al-Najjar, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and Director of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, stressed that the UAE University is keen to accelerate and improve the development of educational technologies. The role of artificial intelligence in modern educational studies and programs seeks to improve project releases and curricula that meet the needs of the country’s strategic plans and programs for the next fifty years. Golden Jubilee of the country.

He said: The projects of the artificial intelligence laboratories at the university have been completed, creating a psychiatric monitoring system for senior citizens, predicting the future development of their cases, relying on the robot “Abu Chief”, designed and developed in the laboratory, and with the technical support of Microsoft in the Middle East. Central and Africa. The robot communicates with potential patients, noting changes in their facial expressions, the smoothness of their speech and their speed of responding to various stimuli, and giving them clinical reports on the level of risk of cognitive impairment.

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Researchers expect that artificial intelligence and in-depth learning will play a major role in the rapid and accurate detection of diseases that could overwhelm human ability. Smart home robots play a role in monitoring and assisting the elderly and people with special needs in daily life activities, such as ensuring their medication intake, assisting with food preparation, fitness and movement, daily follow-up activities, and generating daily reports for their cases to expedite medical intervention as needed.