June 6, 2023

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Dalita's brother: She is "a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean"

Dalita’s brother: She is “a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean”

Paris – AFP

Among the song and movie stars featured at the “Diva” exhibition at the Arab World Institute in Paris, French-Italian singer and actress Talita “quickly became a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean”, confirmed by the Egyptian-born artist’s brother and producer of his works Orlando.

When asked: What is the reputation of Dalita in the Middle East?

Soon, Talida became a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean. Its continued enormous popularity throughout the Middle East was repeated frequently throughout the Arab Spring, with songs such as Salama Ya Salama (1977) and Sweet Ya Baladi (1979).

If Umm Kulthum is said to be the “Fourth Pyramid”, then (to former Egyptian) President Anwar Sadat, Talita is “Cleopatra II”. In fact, my sister was elected Miss Egypt in 1954! ”

When asked, he replied: Did this Miss Egypt title open the door to Egyptian cinema? Like me I was never disconnected from my native Egypt. Our father was the first violinist in the Cairo Opera. She wanted to be famous in France and the world. She wanted to be Dalita, and she will be forever. I was a witness to her story, I am the custodian of her memory.

When asked in Orlando: These Middle Eastern stars, from Umm Kultum to Feroz, transcended Dalita and were pioneering feminists. Did Talita know this at the time?

“They dared to be what they wanted to be. Dalita was a feminist in her behavior. She was an independent woman. Being a woman in the 1950s was not easy. In their own way, each in their own field, these singers were pioneers in advancing the problem of women in the Arab world. The younger generation in some countries, But if the whole Middle East is free today, they owe it to these stars! ”

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