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Ammon – We’ve all fallen in love with late makeup, but in the world of beauty, we’re always looking forward to what’s next. This time, we don’t have to look far. Allow us to introduce you to matcha latte makeup, a fun twist on the basic trend. In this version, imagine the creamy matcha latte you’d have at a coffee shop, but in your eyes. Matcha latte makeup combines a bronzed face with a touch of green cream on the eyeshadow or eyeliner on the lids, and this is the cool green trend we’ll be seeing everywhere this season.

Green makeup with matcha late shades
The main difference between a late makeup look and a matcha late makeup look is the green shades on the eyes and the lip and cheek shades that complement the green instead of a completely monochromatic brown. Follow the thread to learn more about this trend and how to create your own matcha latte makeup look at home.

Is this a trend?
Rachel Riegler first created a late makeup look on TikTok in June 2023, and since then, the trend has completely taken off. However, with matcha latte makeup, this trend doesn’t have a specific persona. After the original latte makeup look became popular and women started creating sub-versions with added colors, we first saw matcha latte makeup on social media, and thus, the matcha latte look was born.

In particular, matcha late makeup focuses on pastel to mid-green shades around the eyes, often combined with other trends…such as soft, full brows, dewy, bronzed skin, and glossy lips with a slightly deeper lip liner.

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Matcha matte makeup tends to surround the eyes, so it’s important not to overdo the rest of the face. Do not use strong makeup on lips and cheeks. Make sure to use moisturizing cream products on the skin. Matte foundation, too much powder, blush or bronzer can make the skin look flat and heavy. Keeping the skin fresh provides a very beautiful contrast with the matcha shade on the eyes.

How to use matcha latte makeup?
Although matcha matte makeup is primarily about the eyes, it’s also about a natural base (as opposed to a full-coverage matte look). Experts recommend keeping skin dewy and natural-looking by layering your foundation with a glow-tinted moisturizer and your favorite hydrating concealer, adding coverage only where you need it.

After applying your base, go back to your late makeup roots and use a cream bronzer to add some dimension. For brows, a natural, subtle look is definitely the way to go. All you need to do here is apply your favorite color or clear eyebrow gel.

Next, use a cream or liquid blush in a neutral pink shade that complements the green undertones of your eyes.

Now for the fun part – the eyes. You can go in many directions with this, but a simple look that doesn’t require the skills of a makeup artist is probably the best course of action. It is recommended to use your favorite eye primer and look at color palettes with several shades of green to work with. Your eyeshadow palette should have your perfect matcha color and a selection of other shades to go with it.

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On the lids, tap a shade like Matcha, and use a matte, neutral shade to blend into your crease. Under the lower lids, pick another shade of green to sweep it up. To finish, use a lighter, brighter shade in the palette to add a touch of light to the inner corner of the eyes.

To finish your eye makeup, curl your lashes and apply some mascara. You can also use a fine marker; Try to keep it thin so the focus doesn’t shift away from the shadow.

Lips are another fun aspect of the look that should enhance the eyes, not take away from them. You’ll want to rock a neutral pink or bronze palette. Line your lips (but don’t fill them in with liner), then fill in the center with a glossy product like lip oil, lip gloss, or shimmery lipstick. Matcha latte makeup look.
When you’re done, outline any parts of your face that are oily (like your T-zone) with your favorite loose powder; This all-over powder is a must. Use a luminous setting spray.

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