March 24, 2023

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Damer Ashor released his latest song "Tiki Natron"

Damer Ashor released his latest song “Tiki Natron”

Thanks for reading the news about Tamer Ashour’s latest song “Tigy Netrahn”, now with details

Cairo – Samia Saeed – Singer Tamer Ashor has released his latest songs called “Tiki Natron” on the YouTube video site, and the song is written by Alim, composed by Amr L-Shasli, distributed by Amr El-Gowtri and guitarist Mostafa. Nasser.

Damer Ashour recently performed at a concert in Saudi Arabia as part of the Riyadh entertainment season. Saudi ArabiaDuring that time he presented a bouquet of his most beautiful old and modern songs.

In a different context, singer Damer Ashor has just finished recording songs for his new album, which is expected to be released early in the new year, and has collaborated with many poets, composers and distributors on the album: Kamal L-Ghouli, Maliki, Hisham Sadek, Hosam Side, Adam Modas, , Tamar Ali, Mahmoud Anwar Amin, Yehia Yousuf.

Ashok had announced that he would finish recording all the songs of his new album after a delay due to the Corona virus outbreak, urging the fans to be ready for some last fun.

Ashor recently said through his Instagram account: “Thank God … I just finished recording all the songs for my new album on a small stage, and it’s ready for all my dear viewers, and there are many more surprises … your prayers.”

Damer Azhore had previously revealed the reasons for postponing the release of his new album, which was scheduled to be released in the last few months, explaining that the spread of the corona virus was one of the most important reasons for the delay in release. The album, besides that, he wants to hold a public party as soon as the album is released.

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