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Global Health emphasizes Omigron as the most important factor in combating corona


With the advent of the festive season around the world, and Infiltration and spread of omigran mutants of the corona virusFor all parts of the world, the World Health Organization reiterates its recommendations that a very important factor in preventing corona and its metabolism, especially the fast-spreading Omigron, is good ventilation.

In a new tweet on its official account on Twitter, the World Health Organization said that “recycling the air inside the room increases the rate of transmission of the virus that causes Govit-19.”

“Good ventilation protects against injury,” he stressed.

The United Nations has highlighted the importance of allowing fresh outdoor air to enter rooms and changing indoor air, especially when using ventilation fans, air conditioners and air filters.

Omigron dominates the festivities

Billions of people celebrated Christmas yesterday as Omigron became the world’s dominant mutant as the Govt-19 epidemic disrupted celebrations for the second year in a row.

More than 6,000 flights were canceled worldwide over the Christmas holiday weekend, and thousands of flights were postponed, according to the special “FlightAware” website.

The front lines of the COVID-19 vaccination center around the world were long, with some opening their gifts.

As Omigran spreads rapidly from the corona virus, the vaccine campaign around the world has continued at a slow pace.

The ability to penetrate the lungs is low

Early laboratory studies of human cells indicate that The clumsy omigran may be less capable of penetrating into the lungs And the corona virus spreads from one cell to another, compared to other mutants.

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This may help explain some initial data from countries such as South Africa and the UK that the Omigron strain causes “less serious illness”.

But although Omigran does not effectively invade lung cells, a new study published by the American scientific website LiveSize confirms that the new variant completely eliminates most of the antibodies in the vaccinated population.

Corona deaths around the world

The corona virus has killed at least 5,391,404 people worldwide since the World Health Organization’s office in China announced an outbreak at the end of December 2019.

In terms of absolute numbers, the countries with the highest mortality rates are the United States, followed by Brazil, India and Russia.

Among the most affected countries is Peru, with the highest number of deaths compared to its own population, followed by Hungary and Bosnia.

The World Health Organization, taking into account the high mortality rate directly or indirectly associated with Govt-19, estimates that the outcome of the epidemic may be two or three times higher than the officially declared result.

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