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Date of Manchester United and Leicester City match in English Premier League 21-22 and career channels


Find out the date of Manchester United’s match against Leicester City at King Power Stadium in the eighth round of the English Premier League, what are the broadcast channels?

In the crucial and strong match between the two teams in the eighth round of the English Premier League, Manchester United is a serious guest against Leicester City.

Manchester United will enter the match with a three-point outlook, to reconcile their fans after the recent setback against Everton and make sure they are in areas where the lead is in competition.

As for Leicester City this season, it has been experiencing level fluctuations and wants to adjust its trajectory and return to victories through the big door against the Red Devils, closer to qualifying places for the next European Championship. Season.

Ancelotti’s daughter dies at her funeral and saves her father.

Destination In this report, we review the dates of the Manchester United and Leicester City competition and carrier channels together.

When is the Leicester City vs Manchester United match?

The date of the Manchester United and Leicester City match is Saturday, October 16, 2021, at King Power Stadium, the fox stronghold.

The whistle for the start of the match will sound at 4:00 pm Egyptian time and 5:00 pm Saudi time.

Which channels broadcast the Manchester United and Leicester City matches?

The BeIN Sports Network owns the rights to broadcast the English Premier League exclusively in the Middle East and North Africa, which will certainly broadcast important competition to the public.

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If you can not watch the match on TV, you can follow it through the written live broadcast service, which is provided by Cole and starts half an hour before the match.



Carrier channels


Leicester City – Manchester United Saturday 16 October 2021,
16:00 Egypt, 17:00 Saudi Arabia
beIN Game 1 HD Premium Raja Shakti

Manchester United are expected

Modification | 4-2-3-1

David de Gea
Luke Shaw – Eric Bailey – Victor Lindelof – Aaron von-Pesach
Paul Pogba – Scott McDomine
Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandez, Jaden Sancho
Cristiano Ronaldo

Leicester City expect the lineup

Modification | 4-3-3

Caspar Schmidt
Bertrand – Westergard – Salar Soncho – Costagne
Williward NDT – Yuri Telemans – Bopakari Samaray.
Harvey Barnes, Jamie Verdy, Lukman