March 29, 2023

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هذه مستجدات وشروط الاستفادة من الأحياء الجامعية في ظل "قيود كورونا"‎‎

These are improvements and conditions for benefiting from university quarters under “corona restrictions”

The National Office of University Social and Cultural Affairs imposed a set of new measures to enable students to receive housing on university campuses, which was decided to open in parallel to ease new university admissions and precautionary measures against corona epidemic. .

According to Noureddine al-Tohami, director of the university’s National Office for Social and Cultural Affairs, the first fundamental point under the new health protocol is the negative diagnosis of “corona”.

In an interview with the Al-Tohami Hezpress newspaper, at the level of the documents, there is no change whether it is old or new, the main thing is to have a document to continue reading in a higher educational institution.

The director of the office in charge of managing university residences in Morocco, the capacity given during the epidemic varies from one university district to another, and is controlled by the area of ​​the rooms and the number of beds.

Al-Dohami also clarified that vaccination admission is not mandatory to enter university quarters according to health protocol, but called on all students to take the dose to ensure a normal course of university life.

A spokesman for Hezpress reported that the given capacity may change with the improvement of the epidemiological condition, so it all depends on the development of the epidemic and the decrease in the number of infections.

Al-Dohami restaurant services will operate, but some neighborhoods will not offer them at the company, but will follow the food serving system without eating them at the service facility.

As for the new students, the university official said all the regulations are expected to be released within the next two days, so everyone will know the details soon.

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University students and other higher education institutions that do not have residential dormitories, in particular, face difficulties in renting apartments and the continuing concerns of the corona virus in various parts of Morocco.

Thousands of students from university quarters found themselves in a deeply difficult situation with the current epidemic; Many of them had to settle in apartments in remote areas, but they guarantee daily attendance, while others are still on the lookout.