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Death of Egyptian director Ahmed El Badri


Egyptian director Ahmed El Badri died on Friday evening at the age of 69, days after his left leg was amputated as a result of diabetes.

Actor Amr Abdel Aziz announced the news of Ahmad Al-Badri’s death, writing: “To God we belong and to Him we return. Director Ahmed Al-Badri has passed away. May God have mercy on you, my love, be good to you, and make your resting place heaven, Lord of the worlds.” , we ask you to have mercy on him and recite Al-Fatiha on his pure soul.

Ahmad Al-Badri graduated in 1977 from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Department of Directing and Acting. Early in his career, he appeared as an actor in several works, including “Siam Siam” (1980) and movies. “The Night Fatima Was Arrested” (1984). He worked as an assistant director on the drama “The Crazy Nest” (1979) presented by the late actors Mohammad Najm and Hasan Abdeen.

Ahmed Al-Badri later met director Mohamed Fadel and worked as an assistant on “The White Banner” (1988), “The Sea Sade” (1982), “The Bird of Fire” (1987) and “The Journey”. Mr. of Abu l-Ela al-Fishri” (1986). He also worked as an assistant to director Nader Kalal in the film “Aaiti, En Nbanan” (1987).

In 2005, Al-Badri directed his first film, “Qavi Love”, starring Hala Shiha, Mohammad Fouad and Ramez Jalal. He later directed films including “Lakhma Raaz” (2006) and “Kamil Al-Awsaf” (2006). “I’m not with them” (2007), and “The Part the Second” from the films “Omar and Salma” (2009) and “The Bag” (2021).

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On television, Al-Badri directed the series “Kid Al-Nisa” (2011), starring Fifi Abdo, Somaya Al-Kashab, Ahmad Badir, Aydan Amar, Tina Fouad and Mimi Kamal.

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