February 6, 2023

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Death of Egyptian director Tariq al-Mirgani

Death of Egyptian director Tariq al-Mirgani

The artist, Tia al-Mirgani, has announced that she has died at the age of 66 after the illness of her son-in-law, film director Tariq al-Mirgani.

The funeral of the late Tariq al-Mirgani took place on Thursday evening in his hometown of Minya Governorate.

Tariq al-Mirgani worked as an assistant to director Ali Badrakhan in 3 films: “Hungry”, “Third Man” and “Desire”

The artist, Tia al-Mirgani, previously announced the director’s death, his brother’s son, wrote on his account via “Facebook”: “We belong to God, we will return to him. He died for mercy of God, my son-in-law, film director Tariq al-Mirgani.”

Tariq al-Mirgani was born in 1955, graduated from the Directorate of Higher Education in 1982, and worked as an assistant director with many other great directors, most notably Ali Badr Khan in several films, most notably “Hunger” 1986, “Third Man” 1995, and “The Desire”. “2002, and he worked with director Adef El-Tayeb, a member of the syndicate of” Al-Mirgani “film industries, director’s division.

It is noteworthy that Tia al-Mirgani co-starred in the film “They Went Out and If They Come Back” which will start filming soon.


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