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Never promised news .. The world is on a date with the “mutant monster”


A few months and over New corona virus In its second year, from that day until now, the epidemic has become the focus of the whole world.

Despite the advent of vaccines and the improvement in general health status, however Infectious mutations It has recently become a stall.

In the wake of the Delta mutation that has increased the number of deaths in recent months, the chief epidemiologist of the United States, Anthony Fossie, has warned of a “barbaric mutation” of the corona virus that will begin to spread in the future, but this time at a frightening pace.

The delta at the front is weak

According to an interview he gave to “MSNBC”, a well-known figure pointed out that the new mutation may appear weaker compared to the “delta” mutant.

He also revealed that as the proliferation of the corona virus increases, sufficiently new mutations may appear to be capable of producing a completely different mutation from what we already know.

He emphasized that the vaccine was important at this point because corona vaccines could certainly help prevent the spread of new mutations and eliminate dangerous variables.

Delta is never the last

These warnings coincide with those announced by the World Health Organization a few days ago, when Dr. Maria van Kerkov, an epidemiologist and technical officer fighting Covit-19, spoke openly. The affected population occurred in Brazil and India, and is currently occurring in the United States, which enjoys extensive coverage of vaccination campaigns.

World Health Organization New Report .. Delta mutation will not be the last for corona virus

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She also confirmed it in her speech Delta variable This will not be the last straw of concern as there are other variables in the pipeline indicating that achieving a quality leap to eliminate the spread of the virus and its variants will require concerted efforts to implement a program to combat the corona virus.

In addition, he stressed that at this stage there are no tools in the world today that can save human lives. Variables.

As I renewed the call for greater commitment to precautionary measures, global leaders must take a stand so that everyone can demonstrate that they can fight the virus and prevent its spread.

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