June 8, 2023

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Death of Tunisian actor and director Chokri Samavi

Death of Tunisian actor and director Chokri Samavi

Samawi passes away at the age of 61 (Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs / Facebook)

Tunisia’s actor and director Sukri Samawi has died at the age of 61, according to the Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

In its statement to the Ministry, The This is an important reference in art StageThis is a testament to the first works presented in Kafsa.

He said that the beginning of L-Samawi’s theatrical activity began in 1974, in the “Theater Club”, in the “House of Youth”, in Kafsa. When he accepted more than 10 theatrical roles, he was active in the “Association of the Performing Star” in Kafsa, and he was a member of the “Tunisian Theater University”, where he oversaw dozens of training courses for amateur practitioners.

Osman’s first appearance as an actor in the play “Joha and the Chaotic East” was in 1987, when he became known as the director of historical and traditional works on Radio Kafsa. He also gave special performances in the fourth art. He has worked in radio since 1991 and was keen to diversify his experience as a journalist and producer.

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He has organized many events at Kafsa such as the “Theater Festival” (5 sessions) and the Maghreb “Al Qawwal” Festival (2017) and has been a member of the “Kafsa International Festival” for many years.

Along with Radio Kafsa, he won a bronze award in the historical and traditional series competition at the “First Jordan Arab Media Festival” in 2010, in Amman, for his series “The Exile of Bani Hilal”. Zero “is his last job as a director in 2019.

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