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What happens to your body when you eat one meal a day?


The human body needs nutrients like air and water, good food works in the development of the body and improves general health, as well as it provides the energy needed for movement and work.

Dr. Powell Isanbev, a weight loss expert, says that people sometimes have to eat or fast because of their busy schedule. But how does the body respond to abnormal food?

In an interview with the Russian RIA Novosti news agency, the expert noted that due to his busy schedule, a person was forced to eat 3-4 meals a day instead of the usual. Or he may follow an intermittent fast.

He says, “If a person eats one meal a day due to lack of time, it negatively affects the body because it leads to weakening of the metabolism. In this case the body will work in a ration mode and try to build strategic reserves of fats due to prolonged fasting.” The person in this case prefers snacks – coffee or tea with biscuits and sweets. Calories. And that person eats with his eyes. When eating one meal a day, it is usually more than the usual amount of food. That is, he eats more and quickly gets used to this diet. For weight gain. “

According to him, eating a meal sometimes increases the risk of ulcers, gastritis and other health problems in the digestive system, which requires several small meals a day.

He says some people eat at least once a day to lose weight. This method is an extreme version of the intermittent fasting system. There are two systems of intermittent fasting: a “light” system, which means that a person does not eat for 16 consecutive hours and he can eat for the remaining hours. The “hard” rule involves not eating for 23 hours in a row and he can eat it for the rest of the hour.

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He says, “This system is suitable for a specific group of men: men under the age of 25 because it does not affect metabolism much. For women, intermittent fasting does not positively affect the hormonal balance, and early menopause occurs. Women lose mass. Due to the loss of muscle mass, their vision decreases, while the fat layer remains unchanged.

Testosterone and growth hormone levels are higher in men under the age of twenty-five, which makes it easier to maintain muscle mass compared to women. But if a man suffers from a digestive problem that requires him to eat several small meals a day, intermittent fasting will aggravate these problems.

According to him, the diet should be balanced. But those who support intermittent fasting often consider that you can eat the food you want for an hour a day and your body will digest it normally.

He says, “When a person eats food once a day, he should think about the things he eats, that is, he should make sure that he is getting the amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates that the body needs. The idea of ​​eating allows one to not think about food, which is a misconception because the person is really hungry and should not overeat if he wants to be healthy. “


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