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Deep sadness in Sudan.. Musician died of starvation in his home in Omdurman


This week, social media in Sudan was abuzz with news of the death of musician Khaled Sanhouri, who starved to death at his home in Omdurman.

Sudanese were deeply saddened to hear the news that musician Senhuri starved to death in his home after days without food, and according to people close to him, his brother buried him in front of his house due to the difficulty of transporting him to public graves. It’s a fate many residents of the capital fear will befall them at a time when food can’t be delivered in a city that has seen violent clashes in the conflict inside Sudan, along with shop closures and a fuel crisis.

Senhori, the composer, was not the first casualty of the war to die of starvation. Last month, two sisters of Armenian origin starved to death in their home in the upscale suburb of al-Amarat, 55 days after the siege, when they were unable to go out to get food due to constant shelling in the area.

A man in his seventies died of starvation in Bahri after not being able to give him a morsel of bread for days.
Zubaydah Abdullah, a Sudanese national, said in press reports that in the forties, he traveled two kilometers in search of flour at a mill, taking internal roads to avoid areas where one side of the conflict was standing. She added, “My name and the amount to be bought was recorded and I came back the next day, paid the amount and took the dough.”

Despite the hardships she went through, Zubaydah was very thankful to God because she was able to provide flour so that her five children, whose father died last year, would not starve.

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