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Colors of Homeland | 4 features to activate smart watches on WhatsApp, including access to conversations


WhatsApp can be activated on smartwatches or smart watches to multitask instead of constantly using the phone as it offers the ability to listen to voice messages and zoom in and out of images with multiple steps.

Implementation methods vary Share it Among smart watches, the watch type varies. If one uses an iPhone, Apple Watch is suitable for him, which allows him to receive WhatsApp messages and send replies through the Watch Chat app, which allows the following, according to the official website of the “WhatsApp” app.

Features of activating smart watches in WhatsApp app

– All accessible through this Conversations Be it conversations with friends or groups.

– Writing in different languages ​​is possible because the app provides a keyboard in multiple languages.

– Listen to voice messages.

You can zoom in and out by double-clicking on the screen.

Disadvantages of Watch Chat

Although the Watch Chat app has many advantages, it has one drawback, which is that it cannot record and send voice messages.

WhatsApp can also be activated on many smart watches like Asus Smart Watch and Sony Smart Watch

How to Enable WhatsApp on Smart Watches:

The first step is to open Settings on your iPhone.

– Go to Notifications and scroll down to find the word WhatsApp.

– Toggle the switch next to WhatsApp to make notifications appear.

– Select Show in notification center and show on lock screen.

Open the Watch app installed on the phone.

The last step is to go to Notifications and then scroll down and hit the Notifications button.

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