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Hezza al-Marzooqi immortalizes fatherly love in artistic paintings


Outpouring of love and loyalty for his late father, young Emirati artist Hessa Al Marzooqi expressed his feelings for his father through art.

In one of his paintings, the artist expressed his love for his late father under the nickname “Mountain” because he felt his strength and determination among his friends and the feelings that connect him through a painting with the figure of a woman, the figure of a woman and her father and her father, drawing in unison, drawing precisely and enjoying the technique of hand drawing.

In his meeting with “Emirates Today”, he mentioned his interest in adding special details that have deep meanings associated with his father and creating a painting of moral value, he worked on the painting and chose to execute it in earthy colors derived from the desert landscape that his father loved. She said: “My father is very much associated with the desert and he enjoyed the nature of the desert, so I used earthy colors to add value to this painting and to represent that. He overcomes any situation and his strength is my source of strength and inspiration.”

Hessa Al Marzouqi enjoys expressing her personality and ideas and combining them with feelings, especially through hand-painted art from modern technologies, pointing to her great love and passion for art and hand printing.

Expressing himself and his personality through a painting of a palm tree and jellyfish, the artist pointed out that he was distinguished by a calm but strong personality like his father, and inspired by his surroundings, put together a hand-printed image. She said: “As it is one of the trees associated with the Emirati desert environment, I worked on a painting and chose a palm tree, which stands out for its strength even when it is sick.

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