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Delete apps from Apple TV or hide them from the device’s home screen


As with various smart devices, when it comes to buying a smart Apple TV Apple TVIn order to discover the full experience of this device, we must first go through the installation of any application that we go through, and over time applications accumulate on the device and we find the need to delete some. Today we want to talk about the applications that we no longer use or hide the applications that we rarely use to organize the user interface of the device, learn how to delete applications on Apple TV or hide them from home. page.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV

To delete apps and all their data from your Apple TV, follow these steps:

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  • With the Siri remote control, select the app you want to remove from the device
  • Long press the touchpad on the remote control until the app icon starts flashing on the screen

  • Press the Play/Pause button on the remote control and choose the Delete option on the screen

Delete apps from Apple TV or hide them from the device's home screen

Of course, you may wonder about the fate of the application you deleted if paid, and in this case do not panic, because you can download the application again at any time without the need to re-subscribe. As long as the subscription is still valid, and some different apps like Netflix save your account data in cloud services, so you can always return to your paid account.

How to hide apps from home screen

But if you don’t want to delete the application and want to hide it from the main screen to organize it, you can always access the application again without filling the main screen of the device with a large number of devices. Hide apps only by following these steps:

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  • Go to the Settings app on the device and go to the Apps option to display a list that includes all the apps installed on the device.

Delete apps from Apple TV or hide them from the device's home screen

  • Click on any application in the list to toggle between the Hide option or the Show option, and you can perform this step with an unlimited number of times.

Keep in mind that hiding apps doesn’t mean deleting any of their data, so it’s best to review the apps installed on the device and delete apps you no longer use as your device is running out of free space. required

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