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Demonstrations in support of EU membership in Poland on Sunday


Warsaw – AFP
On Sunday, Poland witnessed protests in which thousands are expected to take part in support of their country’s members of the European Union.
The demonstrations are scheduled to begin at 16:00 GMT, and Donald Tusk, former chairman of the European Council and current leader of the Democratic Forum, has been invited to the most important Polish opposition.
Dusk, a former prime minister, has warned that the latest judicial decision could lead to “Brexit”, which refers to Britain’s exit from the European Union.
The judicial decision to challenge the primacy of European law over domestic law has provoked widespread criticism in Poland and across the continent.
Tusk called on his citizens to “defend a European Poland” on his Twitter account: “We must save Poland and no one will do that to us.”
Poland and other countries from Central and Eastern Europe joined the EU in 2004, 15 years after the solidarity movement contributed to the overthrow of communist rule.
Being a member of the European Union is still popular, according to local union polls, but the relationship between Warsaw and Brussels has been experiencing some tension since the People’s Law and Justice Party came to power in 2015.
One of the key features of the conflict between the two parties is the broad reform of the judiciary that the party wants to implement, which the EU fears could threaten the independence of the judiciary and negatively affect democratic independence.
The latest controversy is the decision of the Constitutional Court, the highest Polish judicial body, on Thursday to challenge the primacy of European law over Polish law, and some articles of the EU treaty are considered “inconsistent” with the country’s constitution.
The court also ruled that European companies were “operating beyond their capacity” by interfering in the reforms of the domestic justice system.

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Poland’s place in Europe

Prior to the ruling, the EU had warned that the issue would have “repercussions” for Poland, particularly in terms of subsidies recovering from the effects of Govit-19 and European soft loans.
Analysts considered the court’s decision to be a “legitimate blunder” and could pave the way for the country to leave the EU.
However, the government, represented by its president, Matus Morawicki, confirmed its intention to stay in the continent on Friday.
On his Facebook page, Moraviki stressed that the EU was “one of the strengths of the past decade” for Poland and the Union, “Poland’s place (was) and in the family of European countries”.
He explained that the issue of the dominance of constitutional law over European law had previously been decided by courts in other European countries.
“We have the same rights as other countries. We want these rights to be respected. We are not an unwelcome guest in the EU, so we do not accept being treated as a second-class country,” he added.
Experts believe that the government should decide to issue an official ruling to enforce the law, and that the government can act with caution without interfering with European funding and avoid potential legal confusion if the Polish courts choose between enforcing domestic and European laws.

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