March 21, 2023

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"Jumeirah Circle" .. High demand for rent in Dubai

“Jumeirah Circle” .. High demand for rent in Dubai

The latest report on real estate rentals in Dubai in the third quarter of 2021, especially for rental units with a rental value in the middle class, tops the list of “Jumeirah Village Circle” most preferred places to rent apartments. At a reasonable price in Dubai, the average rent for a “studio” section is 28 thousand dirhams, 43 thousand dirhams for the bedroom and lounge section, and 62 thousand dirhams for the two bedroom section.

Al Nahda area

In turn, the “Al Nahda” area came in second, with the average rental value of the “studio” category being 23 thousand dirhams, one bedroom and one hall 31 thousand dirhams, and 43 thousand dirhams.

Rental values ​​in the “Studio” and “Room and Hall” categories increased by 9.25% and 3.35%, respectively, while “two rooms and one hall” were placed in the third category.

Bur Dubai area

The Bur Dubai area, which has always been very popular, came in third because the average rental value of a “studio” was about 31 thousand dirhams, and for the “room and hall” category it was 45 thousand dirhams. “Two rooms and one hall” is registered for the category of 66 thousand dirhams. The report pointed to a 5.25% increase in rental values ​​in the “studio” segment and their sustainability in the other two categories.

Dubai Silicon and Dera

In the Silicon Oasis area of ​​Dubai, the average rental value of the “studio” segment increases by 1.97% to about 24 thousand dirhams per year. The average rental value of the “Room & Lounge” category is 33,000 dirhams per year.

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The average rental value of a “studio” in the “Tira” area is set at 24,000 per year, while the “Room and Hall” segment is down 3.90%, bringing the average rental value to AED to 38,000 per year.

Luxury apartments

Among the best areas for rental luxury apartments in Dubai, the average rental value of the “Room and Lounge” section in the “Dubai Marina” area increases by 9.76% to reach AED 67,000 annually. And 103 thousand for the “two rooms and hall” category. Dirham year-on-year, 6.08% increase.

The “Downtown Dubai” segment took second place, with the average rental value of the “Room and Hall” segment increasing by 10.33% to 89 thousand dirhams per year, and the “two rooms and hall” segment by 147,000 dirhams, an increase of 16.99%.

The report points out that the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) area offers a luxury group of assets compared to the second quarter of 2021.

The average rental value of a “room and hall” is estimated at 90,000 dirhams a year, an increase of 12.23%, and “two rooms and a hall” 137 thousand dirhams.

The average rental value of a three-bedroom apartment with a hall increased by 151,000 dirhams a year, an increase of 13.30%.

In turn, “Palm Jumeirah” recorded an increase in the average rental value of 155,000 dirhams per year for the “two rooms and one hall” category, an increase of 5.45% in the second quarter of 2021, while the “City Walk” area recorded a decrease in the average rental value of the same category, 132 Up to one thousand dirhams, a decrease of 9.76%.

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