January 30, 2023

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Details of Liverpool’s latest offer to renew Mohamed Salah’s contract

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The Liverpool club are further complicated for the future of the pharaoh at Anfield Castle with its Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and Mohamed Salah’s contract expires on June 30, 2023, and he has the right to leave for free on July 1. His club have not reached an agreement with Liverpool management, according to English press reports.

The “90 Minute” network also cited its sources in Liverpool as confirming that talks between the two sides were still complicated and somewhat intermittent, despite a recent resumption after a hiatus from December 2021.

Liverpool say they want to make Mohamed Salah the highest paid player at the English club, but they are reluctant to do so as Virgil van Dijk is set to become the highest paid player at 250,000, but Mohamed Salah wants பெற 400,000 a week. According to the seventh day.

The newspaper pointed out that Liverpool want to increase its offer so that Mohamed Salah can earn a salary of over ,000 300,000, while the Egyptian wants 400 400,000, and negotiations are still ongoing, giving him hope to renew the deal.

The “Sunday World” website, through journalist Kevin Palmer, confirmed that the English club would offer Mohamed Salah a final chance to renew his contract for a longer period.

Palmer explained that the new offer would not exceed the value of a salary of 300 300,000 a week, which should be close to the highest-paid Dutch Virgil van Diege in Liverpool, where he receives a weekly salary of 220 220,000.

The British journalist explained that Liverpool will work to satisfy Salah with some extra rewards related to the team’s successes and achievements.

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An account with the “Anfield Watch” website, which specializes in following Liverpool club news, said Salah would be paid 400,000 a week.

The account was quoted by David Madak, a journalist with the British newspaper The Mirror, who confirmed that he had assured the Globe club management of the need to renew Mohamed Salah’s contract, even though he was approaching 30 years of age.

Salah is considered one of Liverpool’s most important stars as he moved from Italian Roma to his rankings in the summer of 2017, where he led to 5 titles, especially after not being in the English Premier League 30. Years, and for the sixth time winning the Champions League, and twice the title of highest scorer in the English Premier League.