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Global Health: We have discontinued production of Indian Kovacs vaccine due to production problems


Abdel Nasser Abu Bakar, director of the Infectious Disease Prevention Unit of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, confirmed at a press conference on Wednesday that the distribution of the Indian Kovacs vaccine had been stopped. The organization has approved these vaccines in emergency situations and has so far approved 14 vaccines.

He added: “We are talking about the safety of these vaccines, not only their effectiveness, the company visited the Covaccin vaccine manufacturing facilities, reviewed the procedures used by the manufacturers and found some issues, but that does not make sense. The company is working with the Drug Enforcement Administration to end the production of this vaccine. The company is working closely with the manufacturing company and the Supervisory Authority of India and we hope that the discontinued manufacturing process will resume. Best practices.

Regarding the fourth booster dose, the Booster Dose Recommendation Agency for the Elderly and Chronic Illness has reached 40 percent of the vaccinated population, reaching the goal of vaccinating 40 percent of the population.

Ahmed Al-Mansari, Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, told a news conference on Wednesday that on the eve of World Health Day, we hoped that in general, instead of preventing disease, we would treat diseases and mitigate germs. With the emergence of the corona virus prevention policy, it has become clear to us that the Ministry of Health is not responsible, not only for health, but for all sectors.

He said the epidemic had given us the opportunity to tackle health problems and challenges, to protect and maintain the environment, and to be inseparable from human health, and needed to focus on the leadership role and oversight of the various environmental services. Hygiene is essential to ensure good health for human beings, which is basic and we all strive for it.

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Dr. Director of the Department of Population Health Development of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. Maha El-Adawi explained that we aim to achieve a healthy sustainable society. Those who are accustomed to community participation have shown the importance of cooperation in the field of achieving a healthy environment.

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