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Development of pottery that cures cracks without treating chemical reactions .. Video


Ceramic products are well characterized by strength and temperature tolerance, but over time they can be subjected to cracking, damage and cracking, in connection with this, researchers at the University of Texas A&M have discovered a mechanism for self-repair and healing of spontaneous cracks. According to the University of Texas website, the specific type of pottery was not previously known.

The university clarifies – as reported by the Al-Arabia website – that when subjected to mechanical stress, pottery cracks, which quickly leads to fragmentation or breakage of parts or the whole ceramic material, so some ceramic products are made with the ability to automatically heal and heal cracks at room temperature, i.e. Ovens do not need to be treated with chemical reactions at high temperatures.

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The researchers concluded that it was a specific type of ceramic Chromium aluminum carbide2., slows the spread of cracks and heals spontaneously at room temperature, these are called pottery MaxIt is made of layers of materials, giving the ceramic system the ability to automatically heal cracks.

This type of ceramic-based mechanism works geologically, when a crack in the ceramic material begins, defects called mesh strips form between different layers, and then the crystals rotate in random bands using pressure, which is important for a wide area to prevent the spread of cracks. These round crystals conduct cracks very efficiently and are almost indistinguishable once the pressure of the ceramic material is removed..

Hemant Rathod, a doctoral student in the field of materials science and engineering and lead author of the study, said: “The most exciting thing is that the self-healing process to close newly formed cracks can be repeated, delaying damage to the ceramic material.”

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According to the researchers, this type of self-repairing ceramic is especially effective in repairing cracks in materials under extreme stress conditions, such as jet engines, hypersonic vehicles and nuclear reactors. Max, But can be applied to other products with a similar layered structure.

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