March 31, 2023

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"DEWA-SAT-1" Receiving the first signals from the moon

“DEWA-SAT-1” Receiving the first signals from the moon

Dubai: “Gulf”

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) received the first signals of the “Dewa-Sat-1” nano-satellite yesterday evening, Thursday, which is scheduled to orbit the Earth at an altitude of between 525 and its lower orbit. It rotates at 530 km / h and a speed of about 7.5 km / s, which means it orbits a full orbit every 90 minutes.

Saeed Mohammed Al Thayer, Managing Director and CEO of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, said the “Deva-Sat 1” was a 3U nano-satellite launched into the Commission’s SpaceD (SpaceD) with the aim of enhancing and enhancing DEWA’s operations. Maintenance and planning of electricity and water networks through accreditation, using nanosatellites and technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain and space communications, Earth surveillance and communication remote sensing technologies.

Al Tayer said: “Through the SpaceD project, we aim to complete the Terrestrial Internet of Things Communication Network with nano-satellite technology that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the Authority’s operations and digitizes the power and water networks. And performance of planning, operation and preventive maintenance for the production, transmission, distribution and smart grid sectors. “

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