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Non-contact travel and constant movement at the expo


Expo Dubai: “The Gulf”
Expo 2020 Dubai’s most recent theme week Travel & Connectivity Week (January 9-15 2021) focuses on sustainable tourism, contactless travel, digital communication strategies and life-changing Expo 2020-powered innovators.
Theme Week, the latest in a series of 10 themed weeks running throughout Expo 2020’s 182 days, is a global force for human rights and benefit, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and policymakers to explore digitalization and integration. Dynamic world.
The week’s opening talks focused on national communications strategies, and included the Secretary of State and Secretary for Digital Transformation at Peru’s Cabinet Headquarters, Morocco Sokopar Reyes, and the Minister for Digitalization in Luxembourg, Mark Hanson. , Who spoke on the European Country’s Joint Strategy and National Action Plan for Digital Integration.
This week’s Expo 2020 featured innovations backed by Dubai, the Jangala Foundation’s laboratory project from Peru that will transform communications in emergencies such as difficult emergencies and refugee camps, and economically empower women across Latin America.
As for the Spanish Pavilion, it hosted companies and organizations from Spain and the United Arab Emirates, and at the pre-event of the “Global Mobility Call” event held a dialogue on smart solutions to build the infrastructure for sustainable movement. The regular movement will take place in Madrid from 14 to 16 June.
Talks at the Women’s Pavilion on Monday (January 10) discussed reducing the digital divide, and representatives from ExxonMobil Dubai’s partners Accenture and UPS appeared. This was followed on Tuesday at the UK Pavilion by “Digital Council: The Digital Twin and the New Reality: Living and Driving in a New Reality”, which showcased the capabilities of digitalized services, artificial intelligence and digital twin technology.
Within the framework of the Man & Planet project, the Business Forum for Travel and Communications, held on Tuesday, January 11, explored the future of sustainable tourism and included representatives from countries such as Portugal, the Seychelles and Bhutan. Illumination of the current epidemic-related need for non-contact travel.
Among the highlights of this week’s week, the Swiss start-up Exmotion won first place at the “Future of Mobility Hackathon” with Siemens at Expo 2020 from January 9th to 13th.
Exomotion aims to improve mobility and access to firms in cities, and will receive a Mind Spear package that will be used for one year, allowing it to continue working on its solution. Siemens, the official Expo 2020 partner for the digitalization of infrastructure, will provide many opportunities to build a network of relationships inside and outside Siemens; The winner will be able to show both the startup and the IoT solution to different important audiences.
The activities of Travel and Communication Week ended with the session “Dialogue of Cultures … Cloud Does Not Own” session at the DB World Pavilion, bringing together artists and artificial intelligence professionals to discuss the mechanism of data-based social action. Focusing on individuals and communities to bring about social change, lead to results and reduce systemic injustice.
The 10 weeks of Expo 2020 are an important pillar of the World Expo program for people and planet Earth, allowing us to exchange new insights to meet the greatest challenges and opportunities of our era.

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