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“Dice is a game”.. New look for Bilal Shama after Jafar Al-Omta’s win.. Viewers don’t recognize him!! – Photographs


Many social media pioneers traded »Facebook“and this”Instagram» and many other short video sites, artist images Magdi Patr “Who gave the character of Bilal Shama?Jafar al-Omta series.”

Bilal Shama in a new look

And the artist Majdi Badr or Bilal Shama appeared in a completely different volume, he wore a classic outfit, and most of the comments from the audience came about his role in the Jafar Al-Omta series.

Artist Magti Badr’s latest look

Maqdi Badr talks about his role in Jafar al-Omta

The artist, Majdi Badr, was invited by the journalist Shafqi Al-Muniri to talk about his role in the “Jafar Al-Omta” series on the “Ninth” program broadcast on the “Al-Ola” satellite channel. In it he portrays the role of “Bilal Shama”.

Majdi Badr as Bilal Shama – Serial Jaafar Al-Omta Ramadan 2023

He commented on working with the artist, with Mohammad Ramadan saying, “Manipulation Muhammad Ramadan Different from the timing of the movie “Apto Mota” I did not interact with him this time based on his instructions. Mohammed Sami To protect my feelings at the scenes, he told me, “Know that if he meets you, he will kill you.”

And he added: “Muhammad Ramzan is a professional, he beats him, he does not beat him, after the scene and after so much beating, he did not say a word to my hands, this is the best expression of Muhammad. Ramadas, I tell him next time I won’t kidnap your son.

He talked about the scenes in which he rendered the role of “Bilal Shama” in the series “Jafar Al-Omta”: “I brought out the evil character in me after the conversation with Muhammad Sami, and the rehearsals are the secret of the wonderful performance of the entire crew. Muhammad Sami can add so many needs with his smile and we There is no need to repeat any scene as Mohammed Sami makes an excellent entry for the actor.

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Jafar al-Omta series

In the Jafar El-Omda series, Mohammed Ramadan, Zina, Iman El-Assy, Salwa Othman, May Kassab, Menna Fatali, Ahmad Dash, Mundar Riana, Essam El-Sakka, Farida Seif El-Nasr, Magdi Badr, Ahmad Fahim, Doaa Hakam , Bayoumi Fouad, Farida Saif El-Nasr It was written and directed by Mohamed Sami, and Mohab Tariq contributed visuals and dialogue.

The events of the series revolve around Zafar playing the role of Muhammad Ramadan who marries 3 women with contract companies and a social structure that enters into many conflicts and disagreements in his work.

Who is artist Magdi Badr?

Artist Magdi PatrHe entered the world of acting at the age of 20 and did not study in acting institutes but became a professional in acting through experience and talent.

And in most of his roles he appeared as a villain and he appeared as a man who cheats on girls and as a criminal or a thief.

Beginning of Magdi Badr

In the early nineties, through television, he participated in the series “Ibn Min Bisalama”, and this was his first television role, after which he participated in many works, but with secondary roles. .

The work of Magdi Badr

He made his debut with the serial “Shaagan Ghasadi” after which he gained widespread fame and started getting opportunities as an actor, appearing in many plays and radio serials, and in recent years in numerous drama serials. And his last work in 2020, he has more than 130 works of art as he appeared as a guest of honor in the series “Talket Luck” and “Qat Al-Aid”.

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Magdy Badr recently participated in the season as guest of honor Ramadan 2022 by”Who Said SeriesJamal Sulaiman-Nadine-Ahmad Tash-Diana Hisham is the leader of many artists.

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