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General Intermediate Exam Questions.. 55 Optional and Essay Questions in Arabic with 80 Marks.. 46 Questions in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geography Subjects carrying 60 Marks. Qualification: 30% questions are for easy level.


Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Saturday, 06 May 2023 06:00 AM

In preparation for exams High school Starting next June 12, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education assured high school students that 30% of the questions in the general secondary examination will be on simple mental states, and the test will measure learning outcomes, and confirmed that questions later. are well worded and only one alternative is correct among the alternatives. The answers to each question and the rest of the alternatives are scientific and these alternatives rank the students’ positions to select the correct answers.

Regarding the number of optional and essay questions for the General Intermediate Examinations, the ministry stressed that the questions for subjects not included in the aggregate will be optional only without essay portions.

And the ministry continued: As for the basic study subjects, in the Arabic language subject, 80 degrees are allotted, essay questions are 4 essay questions, which are allotted 10 degrees, and the number of objective questions is 51 questions, with a total of 70 degrees, so the total number of questions is 55 questions, first foreign languages Subject, English, French and German each subject carries total 50 marks, 3 essay questions with 8 marks and 34 objective questions with 42 marks, total 37 questions.

For second foreign languages ​​including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, the total score in each subject is 40 degrees, the ministry pointed out.

For science subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography, total number of questions in each subject is 60 degrees, and number of essay questions is 2 questions of 4 degrees for them, and objective questions are 44 questions. They are allotted 56 marks, thus the total number of questions becomes 46 questions, the total marks for literature subjects (History, Geography, Philosophy and Logic, Psychology and Sociology) are 60, so the number of essay questions is 2, with 4 marks, and the objective questions are 44, with a mark of 56, total Bringing the number of questions to 46.

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The ministry said: For pure mathematics, the total mark is 60 degrees, for algebra and geometry 30 degrees, the number of essay questions is 2, a total of 4 degrees, with 18 objective questions making a total of 26. degrees, with the total number of questions being 20 questions, and for calculus and integration, a total of 30. degrees. It has a total of 20 questions including essay question of 4 marks and 18 objective questions of 26 marks.

As regards Applied Mathematics, its total marks are 60 marks, including Statics 30 marks, number of essay questions are allotted 4 marks, and objective questions 18 questions are allotted 26 marks. Taking the total number of questions as 20 questions, the total marks for Dynamics subject is 30 marks, which includes two questions. My essays were allotted 4 marks, 18 objective questions were allotted 26 marks, bringing the total number of questions to 20 questions. .

The ministry stressed that there is no change in the grades of Common Secondary Examination subjects or the total number of 410 degrees for high school examinations. The number of questions has been modified by the redistribution of grades according to the type of essay or multiple choice questions.

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