June 7, 2023

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Did Anas Jaber call on Tunisians to vote on the constitution? (see)

Among the many pages on social media supporting Tunisian President Gais Ssai, Tunisian tennis star Anas Jaber spread messages calling on his citizens to vote in favor of the new constitution.

Today, Friday, the pages shared a video of Anas on Habib Bourguiba Street in the center of the Tunisian capital, where Anas addressed a fan with the words “Yes”, “I agree with you. And I say yes.”

The video was widely circulated on social media, where Anas’ supporters used Anas’s popularity in Tunisia to call on all citizens to accept Said’s constitution, exposing Anas to widespread criticism from opponents of the new constitution. .

Anas Zafar denied the spread by his supporters about President Qaiz Saeed’s call to vote in favor of the new constitution.

Tunisian star Ans confirmed in a video on his official page on Facebook that “yes, the word he used, as he did, was aimed at encouraging young people to realize their dreams”: “I am a sportsman. And I am not involved in politics.

Acknowledging Anas’ achievements in reaching the Wimbledon final, one of the four major tennis tournaments, President Qais Saeed awarded Anas the first class of the National Order of Merit.

A few months ago, Ounes took part in a national consultation announced by President Said, calling on Tunisian youth to express themselves freely.

A few days ago, international tennis star Anas Zafar finished second in the Wimbledon Open losing to world number 23 Yelena Rybakina of Kazakhstan.

Proving her remarkable growth this year, Anas Zafar qualified for the final of one of the four major tournaments for the first time, finishing second in the women’s professional rankings.

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By qualifying for the final of the English Wimbledon Championships, Anas Jafar became the first Arab and the first African in the professional era to reach the final of a major tournament.