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Did the character Lance Vance from Vice City appear in the GTA 6 trailer?


As soon as the announcement trailer for GTA 6 was released, as Rockstar promised us, the player community began analyzing the show to see all the secrets we could find. But a character was discovered in the show that resembled GTA Vice City’s Lance Vance.

In our analysis of the GTA 6 demo, we have come up with several important pieces of information. Among them, Rockstar deliberately showed Lucia’s story in a different way on the show, as we mentioned here. As we mentioned here, we also noticed that the game quoted a lot of real-life things. But what is the truth about the existence of the character Lance Vance in the game?

The game’s presentation confirmed the leak of Vice City’s arrival, and it got the player community very excited for the game. Since the events take place there, we can say that it would actually make sense to see well-known characters from GTA Vice City return, such as Lance Vance, who is rumored to appear in the show!

Lance Vance is back from the dead and appearing in GTA 6!

A fan of Rockstar and a fan of the game managed to cross over… X As you can see in the picture above, who saw a character like Lance from Vice City. However, most players don’t know that this character actually died in the events of Vice City. The question is, how can she return in Grand Theft Auto 6 after all these years? It has some principles, including:

  • Sports events: If it turns out that Lance is actually in GTA VI, the events of this game take place during GTA Vice City. There we can meet “Tommy,” the hero of the game, and other characters.
  • The character’s appearance in the show may be a “cutscene” in the game involving returning to past events, i.e. a flashback. Personality appearance in this case is, of course, essential.
  • A weaker possibility is that Lance didn’t die in the game and somehow returned to it, and may have an important role in the story.
  • It’s also a coincidence that the character in the photo has nothing to do with Lance’s character.
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Rockstar is full of surprises, so expect anything from them, so theories are still swirling about the existence of a character wearing the same outfit as Lance, a white suit and purple shirt. What do you, our followers, think?

GTA VI will be released on Xbox Series and PS5 in 2025, and the PC version may be slightly delayed due to several reasons mentioned by the former developer of Rockstar, which we have linked here.

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