June 2, 2023

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Is Compulsory Detention of a Mental Patient in a Mental Asylum Permissible? The law answers

Books – Hisham Abdel Jalil

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 07:00 PM

The Psychiatric Patient Care Act authorizes the responsible psychiatrist to extend the period of compulsory admission referred to in the preceding article by a maximum of seven days if the grounds specified in section (13) of this Act persist. Independent medical evaluation within three days. The first is from compulsory entry, the notification of the authorities mentioned in the previous article.

A psychiatric patient cannot be compulsorily kept in a psychiatric hospital for more than one week, except after two psychological evaluations of the patient have been carried out by two psychiatric experts registered with the competent regional council for mental health, one of them. Appraisal shall not be carried out by two experts, one from outside the facility, the other one of its employees, one of whom shall be a government employee, and in all cases, both appraisals shall be sent. Mandatorily to the Regional Council for Mental Health within seven days of retaining the patient, the relevant form shall be attached to them..

If these procedures are not completed by the specified dates, the patient’s case of compulsory admission ends, and the facility bears the consequences that may result..

In all cases, if, after examination by the Regional Council for Psychiatry, the National Council for Psychiatry or the Regional Council for Psychiatry, the results of the submitted psychological assessment are not satisfied, the mandatory admission of the patient is terminated.